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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Social Engineering & Ways to Mitigate Susceptibility

Social engineering: two words that are increasingly being talked about in normal, day-to-day conversation. If you are like me, when you first heard the term, you likely thought of something different than what this...

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FMCSA Revises Hours of Service (HOS)

FMCSA revises the hours of service (HOS) regulations to provide greater flexibility for drivers subject to those rules without adversely affecting safety. The Agency: (1) expands the short-haul exception to 150 air-...

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HSA Limits Increase for 2021

Did you know there are 11 new translations of OSHA's poster to help prevent workplace coronavirus exposure?

Seven Steps to Correctly Wear a Respirator at Work

Source: OSHA

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Ten Steps All Workplaces Can Take to Reduce Risk of Exposure to Coronavirus

Posted on Friday, May 8, 2020 Source: OSHA

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Form I-9 Announcement and M-274 Employer Manual

Today notice came out from the USCIS (see below email) giving all employers guidance on what to do during COVID-19 should a new hire present you with an expired List B document for I-9 form purposes. There are...

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Dentistry Workers and Employers - Steps to Stay Safe Dentistry Workers and Employers - Steps to Stay Safe - Posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 Dentistry Workers and Employers This section provides guidance for dentistry...

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Heat Illness Prevention

Heat_Illness_Prevention-May_2020_Safety_Handout-PDF.pdfAs the temperature soars, we want you to use precaution to avoid heat illness.Heat-Related Illnesses and First Aid Most outdoor fatalities, 50% to 70%, occur in...

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