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Pre-Employment Drug Testing for Furloughed Drivers

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

What does a company do in the event they have to lay drivers off because business has slowed down due to COVID19? Does the driver have to take another Pre-Employment test?

If a driver is furloughed or laid off for 30 days or more, a new Pre-Employment drug test would be required, unless the driver remains in the company’s Random Drug and Alcohol selection pool and is still subject to testing, then the driver would not be required to be tested again under the 382.301, Pre-Employment Testing.

So, what documentation should be kept proving this?  If you’re part of a consortium, a good practice is to ensure that a current employee roster is sent to the consortium monthly.  Any drivers furloughed or laid off should be noted on the roster.  If a furloughed driver is selected, then they are to proceed immediately to the collection site for testing.  Your drug and alcohol policy should state what is a “reasonable amount of time” based on the driver location and the collection site.