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Non-owned Aircraft Liability Insurance

Non-owned Aircraft Liability Insurance

When you rent or borrow an aircraft you could be personally liable for tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs and legal defense fees should damage occur, because FBO policies rarely provide adequate coverage for pilots.

But a renter’s policy with Sanford & Tatum provides comprehensive coverage. Starting at just $81/year for liability coverage, you can get basic protection. For just $175/year, you can get comprehensive coverage that includes bodily injury to passengers, property damage as a result of an incident and claims for damage to a rented aircraft, and you can by phone in just minutes.

Why renter’s insurance is crucial

  • Protects you and your family
  • Covers you when the owner’s primary policy does not
  • Provides liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage when you borrow or rent airplanes
  • Provides legal defense coverage

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