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Aerial Application Insurance

Aerial Application Insurance

This specialty area of aviation insurance includes liability insurance protection against alleged bodily injury or property damage arising from business flight operations to other specialized coverages needed to help you protect your aerial applicators fleet.

The Aviation Insurance Industry has been striving to meet the continually changing and challenging demands of the aerial applicators insurance marketplace. At Roy Neal Insurance, our goal is to understand your situation and stand behind you every step of the way. We are there to help ensure that your aerial applicator operations are covered with individually tailored and cost effective insurance policies. We remain available to re-evaluate and adapt your policy as your needs change. We realize that every penny counts.

It is our goal not just to become your aviation insurance agency, but to functionally be a business partner who looks out for your aerial applicators interests. Our mission is to establish a long and mutually beneficial relationship between your operation and ours. Please contact us with any questions regarding aerial applicators insurance or concerns you may have and we will be glad to help.

Specialized Coverages can include:

  • Chemical Drift
  • Adjacent fields
  • Bodily injury and Property Damage
  • Right of way expansion
  • Crops treated liability
  • Coverage for Picloram
  • Relocating your aircraft after an emergency landing
  • Residential Application Areas Endorsement