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Hannah Atkins, APRI

Risk Consultant

Hannah Atkins

Hannah Atkins, APRI

As our Business Development Associate, Hannah Atkins supports our Risk Consultants by bringing in new business and clients. Hannah’s main focus is on Medical Malpractice and the Multi-Family Housing Industry, working with businesses to show the benefits of Sanford & Tatum’s risk management approach.

Hannah is a Lubbock native who graduated from Texas Tech University with a media strategies degree. One of the facts about Hannah that makes her a perfect fit for the Sanford & Tatum team is how well she embodies West Texas culture. She prides herself on being a friendly face, and being a Lubbock native at Tech gave her an opportunity to show her classmates all of her favorite parts about Lubbock.

In this role, Hannah gets to showcase her personable and action-oriented nature as she connects with people across the community. She prides herself on finding each business’s unique story and understanding their industry so she can provide solutions individualized to the business’s needs.

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